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Welcome to the inaugural Timewise Consulting Marketing blog

1 January 2014 8:00 am

Creating successful marketing strategies on a small budget...

As a full service marketing consultancy based in London, we feel it’s really important to shout about our very wise Timewise marketing tips. And what better way to offer you FREE guidance than through our first ever blog article. But be sure to keep an eye out as there will be more expert marketing advice – on tap and online – every single month. And that’s not forgetting about our fantastic social media presence too. So why not follow us, like us, or pay us a visit on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and you too could be in the know with tips, tricks and industry secrets from the very wise Timewise team.

At Timewise Consulting Marketing Services, we understand the importance of value for money. And, as an SME, no doubt this is a topic that is close to your heart. So how do you achieve that golden goal: fantastic marketing strategies that really do work wonders for your business – without breaking the bank in the process?

Lots of business owners think marketing is all about sending a few emails, maybe a sales letter here and there, and possibly the odd telemarketing call between meetings, lunch and invoicing. And whilst some marketing is better than no marketing, creating a really cleverly constructed marketing strategy that addresses all your problem areas, issues and goals needs to be very high on your list of priorities.

So, where do you start? We understand sourcing solutions to your marketing minefields might seem a daunting task. That’s why at Timewise Consulting Marketing Services we will work with you every step of the way to ensure you achieve maximum value for money. And that’s also why we’re offering FREE guidance with our Timewise Top Tip of the Month. Read on…!

The Timewise Top Tip of the Month…

Searching for new business is admirable – and essential in the current economic climate. However, have you ever stopped to think that actually it might be more financially viable – and easier – to sell to your existing customers?

It’s 60% more expensive to market your services to new / potential clients. So why not review all your existing and lapsed contacts, and get in touch with the Timewise team for a highly effective, results-driven marketing plan…?

Think about it. You’re more likely to buy from an existing supplier if you feel you have received good service and value for money. And the same goes for your existing customers. Yes, they might need a nudge in the right direction, but that’s what we’re here for! So why not read our top tips for encouraging existing customers to return time, and time, again:

  1. Say ‘thank you’. It’s amazing how a polite order / purchase acknowledgment will boost business relations
  2. Reward your customers’ loyalty; incentives, gifts and reward schemes really work
  3. Encourage referrals with a gift voucher or treat
  4. Communication: how will your existing customers know all about your every service level or vast range of products if you don’t tell them?
  5. Keep in touch. Newsletters, e-shots, a friendly email or a quick phone call are fantastic PR activities
  6. And finally, don’t treat potential customers better than existing ones!

We hope you have found the inaugural Timewise Consulting Marketing Services blog of value and interest. If you would like to find out more about our extensive range of services then please call the very wise Timewise team today on 0843 523 6353, email us at or visit And regardless of whether you need to boost your social media presence, write a witty blog, create a sensational marketing plan (and implement it!), attract more customers, increase sales, keep in touch with your existing clients… we’re here to help with impressive market research, dynamic direct and digital marketing, sensational strategic marketing planning, and efficient events marketing.

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