Marketing plan

Strategic planning

Developing a strategic marketing plan is not just something for large corporations. Small businesses need one too as it helps to understand the business, your strategy and customers.

A marketing plan is so much more than advertising, public relations or promotion. It includes understanding the market and choosing the specific tactics to reach the market. Timewise Consulting Marketing Services has several years’ experience in writing marketing plans for small businesses.

Our marketing plan includes the following sections:

  • Executive Summary

    • One page overview of the marketing plan
  • Situation Analysis

    • A detailed assessment of your market, competitors, opportunities and challenges
  • Marketing Strategy

    • Your revenue goals and strategy for the market opportunities identified
  • Marketing Tactics

    • Strategic action plan of promotional activities
  • Marketing Budget

    • The projected costs and timeline related to marketing tactics

Writing a marketing plan should become an annual event for your business. We appreciate small business owners have limited time. So why not focus on the core area of your business and leave the strategic planning to the experts.

Our consultants are qualified experts and members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). All work is conducted in line with the CIM Code of Conduct.

Client Case Study: Strategic Marketing Plan for Transport and Logistics Company

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