Focus groups

Market research

Qualitative research involving focus groups is all about answering questions and exploring issues. In its most basic form it involves the analysis of any unstructured data, including: open-ended survey responses, literature reviews, pictures and audio recordings.

Our focus groups ensure you receive findings, insights and results into the way your audience think. Our experienced moderators ensure discussions remain focused on finding the relevant information from you audiences in line with your objectives.

Our approach involves clarifying with clients their research objectives and who they want to gain insight from. We will recruit participants or work with specialist recruiters depending on your target audience. Topic guides will also be designed to ensure discussions are not steered and remain focussed. Our clients are invited to observe the focus group in a viewing facility. Findings are recorded, analysed and presented in a report.

Timewise Consulting Marketing Services has several years experience in conducting qualitative research to capture insightful results from your audience.

Our range of research methods include:

  • Face to face, telephone and depth interviews

  • Moderating

  • Report writing

  • Viewing facility

As part of our qualitative service for clients, we arrange our research activities to be conducted in a high quality studio and viewing facility in London within easy reach of audiences.

Research studio facility include:

  • Room with large table and chairs for up to 8 respondents
  • Plasma TV, microphones for audio, camera for video and mirror for viewing room
  • Whiteboard and refreshments
  • Wireless internet access

Viewing space for observers include:

  • PC, Camera and microphones
  • Light refreshments

Our researchers are members of the Market Research Society (MRS). All work is conducted in line with the MRS Code of Conduct.

Client Case Study : Qualitative Research for a new Fitness Product

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