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Marketing services for small businesses

Helping small businesses to attract new customers with low cost marketing activities

We help small businesses to attract new customers and raise awareness of their brand by implementing marketing plans and delivering consistent low cost marketing activities. As a small business ourselves, we understand the challenges, demands and limited resources available. This enables us to deliver our service more effectively ensuring we meet the marketing needs of small business owners.

Small businesses account for the majority of businesses and are drivers of the UK economy. We recognise the impact our role as small businesses have and as a result we are passionate about making marketing more accessible to small businesses.

Timewise Consulting are able to:

  • Organise, facilitate and provide research reports based on feedback from focus groups to help you gain insights from your audience on an idea or product.
  • Create plans for your business to help you have direction for your activities, reach your marketing objectives and measure results.
  • Create and deliver marketing letters and emails to help you reach your audience.

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Timewise Consulting ensures our small business clients benefit from:

  • FREE introductory 1:1 marketing sessions
  • FREE review of current marketing activities
  • FREE marketing information and guides
  • FREE marketing seminars
  • Access to advice from qualified marketing experts
  • Fixed fee marketing projects
  • Easy payment plans

The good news for small businesses is that the costs involved in marketing is much lower than before due to the emergence of online platforms. The bad news is that marketing is developing all the time and most owners of small businesses do have the time to keep up with the latest developments. This is where Timewise Consulting can help and add value to your business.

To discuss your marketing requirements and to find out how Timewise Consulting can help your business, call us on 0843 523 6353 or email hello@timewiseconsulting.co.uk